Keep Your Business Open When Your Fridge Breaks Down

Schedule commercial refrigerator repair services in Tuckers Crossing, Laurel, Hattiesburg, or Ellisville, MS

No one wants to walk into a kitchen and realize that their fridge is no longer able to keep food at a safe temperature. When your fridge starts to slow down, turn to Parker Electric Heat and Air. We can repair your fridge in a timely manner so you can keep serving your customers in Hattiesburg, Laurel, Edinburg, or Ellisville, MS.

Call our crew immediately if you notice that:

  • Your refrigerator isn't getting cold
  • Everything in your refrigerator is freezing
  • There's frost in the freezer compartment
  • Your ice maker isn't working
  • Your walk-in cooler is failing

We're available 24-hours a day, every day of the week. Contact us so we can schedule a commercial refrigerator repair service ASAP.

How can we help you avoid refrigerator issues?

How can we help you avoid refrigerator issues?

Prevent frustrating problems by scheduling routine commercial refrigerator maintenance. We can keep your refrigerator in good shape by:



  • Clearing ice buildup from the freezer
  • Replacing old water lines
  • Fixing faulty seals on the doors

Talk to our team about routine commercial refrigerator maintenance in Tuckers Crossing, Hattiesburg, or Ellisville, MS. We provide 18-month financing and 10% off for bi-annual service, military members and senior citizens.